onsdag, mai 23, 2012

A short review of End of the Road

The end of the road is a high-quality and a bit of a feel-good type movie, and exactly the type of movies needed by those of us who want to inform people about the ponzi-scheme nature of our monetary system and its fragility.
It starts at the end of the bretton woods system and explains how that system worked, and how it set up the dollar to become the world reserve currency.
It then explains how the gold-backed dollar gave way to the fiat-backed dollar and allowed for endless Treasury debt to pile up. It shows the average person, easily, why this system worked as a ponzi scheme and how it is almost impossible to reverse the previous expansions and how that system needed more and more users of the money, not to be completely destroyed. The animations of the concepts are great, and can help regular people understand what is being discussed.
It also showed some of the side-effects of this continuing inflation. How it had fueled worldwide trade imbalances, and at the same deteriorated the living standard in the US and by extension the developed world.

The presentation is slick, and includes commentary by:
Peter Schiff
James Turk
Mike Maloney
G. Edward Griffin
Alasdair Macleod
Jim Puplava
Adam Ferguson
Eric Sprott
James G. Rickards

Another interesting aspect about the movie, is the development of online independent movie production and distribution. An independent movie fully funded by the views and donations, and not simply a “non-profit” Youtube video but a profitable venture. This is hopefully the format that will allow more funding and more investment into more independent entertainment, and not through Hollywood.

It also touches upon the following themes:
CPI calculation propaganda – “core” vs headline
Export devaluation
The crack up boom
Gold/Silver Suppression

For the ordinary hard-money enthusiast who was read somewhat and kept up with ZeroHedge, there is hardly anything new. And for the history buffs, such as myself, starting at Bretton Woods is unsatisfactory. But for people who are not “aware” of what is happening, this movie is a great introduction and it only costs 4.99 $.

Rating: 5 of 6

You can watch it here.

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  1. Har selv hatt denne på "må se"-blokka. Godt å se at du gav den 5 av 6, så slipper jeg å måtte avlyse planen.

  2. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  3. Ja den er veldig basic, ingenting nytt fra oss som kan mye om temaet.